5 Most Popular Natural Waterfalls in Jamaica

Some of the great things that you can see when you visit Jamaica are definitely waterfalls. These are visually impressive, they really stand out with their look and visuals, and the best part is that you are able to see some of them during your trip. The question is, which ones of these waterfalls are the ones that you should visit right now? Here’s a list to check out!

1. Dunn’s River

Dunn’s River

Dunn's River Falls are 54 meters high, and the cascades are around 182 meters long. This looks like a staircase with its water going into the Caribbean. Climbing the falls with a guide is very common, but it can be quite the challenge since the terrain is uneven. It’s a great place to take pictures, and most people love it for being visually imposing and distinctive as well.

2. YS Falls

YS Falls

You can find the YS Falls near the Saint Elizabeth parish. This is a great waterfall attraction and you can easily get into the pool. That being said, you also have other adventures in the region, like tractor rides to the region, canopy tours and so on. It looks amazing here, and you will find it very relaxing and enjoyable.

3. Reach Falls

Reach Falls

The Reach Falls are natural, and they do look amazing. The waterfalls also cascade into a pool which is in the form of a heart, so it’s romantic and a great place for couples. It looks great, and the fact that you get to take a great, relaxing bath in here makes it even more worth it.

4. Turtle River Falls

Turtle River Falls

The Turtle River Falls are downright amazing and unlike any other falls out there. They are in a park, so they are readily accessible. They also have a natural pool where you can swim along tropical gardens. Near the waterfalls you can also encounter all kinds of native birds, which is great in its own right

5. Somerset Falls

Somerset Falls

You can go to the Somerset Falls if you are close to Port Antonio. The falls go out of the Daniels River and they come from steep rocks right into a wonderful, spectacular pool. This is a great place to see flowers and colorful birds. If you go with a local guide, you can also explore the region near these pools, which is a very interesting idea and well worth it. You can take a gondola ride from these falls to see other waterfalls.