8-Year-Old Portland Girl Found Deceased with Bag Over Face

The Portland police are awaiting the results of a post-mortem examination to ascertain the cause of death of an eight-year-old girl whose body was reportedly found with a plastic bag over her head at her home in the parish on Friday. The deceased is Venice Burke of West Baptist Avenue in the parish.

8-Year-Old Portland Girl Found Deceased with Bag Over Face

Reports are that the child left school on Friday Sep 22 2023 in the afternoon and went home, where she was in the care and supervision of a close family member.

Indications are that at a point, the child became noticeably absent, and the relative went to locate her and found the child lying unresponsive in a pool of urine on the floor in a section of the house.

She was also reportedly seen with the plastic bag over her face.

The child was rushed to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Little Venice is the second eight-year-old girl to have died in extremely questionable circumstances since Friday Sep 22 2023

Talia Thomas or Thompson, an eight-year-old grade four student of Discovery Bay Primary and Infant School in St Ann, was raped and brutally murdered, reportedly by a male neighbour, in Discovery Bay on Saturday.

There are conflicting reports on whether the deceased child’s surname is Thomas or Thompson.

The police said Thomas was her surname, but Talia, who was an entrant in this August’s staging of the Mini Miss St Ann Pageant, was entered with the surname Thompson.

It is reported that about 3:15 pm, little Talia was left at a neighbour’s house and a man described as a family friend, went to the house and took the child to his house.

He allegedly raped the child and then inflicted several stab wounds to her body.

The suspect who is said to be a sanitation worker, then attempted to take his own life by using a 9mm live round of ammunition in a pliers, which he then heated.

The bullet exploded, which caused an abrasion to his forehead.

After failing in his efforts to mortally injure himself, neighbours later found the man stabbing himself with a knife.

Little Talia was seen lying on a bed in a pool of blood.

The police were alerted and both wounded persons were taken to the hospital, where Talia was pronounced dead and the male suspect was admitted for treatment under police guard.

His medical condition is said to be stable.

The police are expected to question the man in the coming days as their probe continues into the grisly developments.