Advertising With Pure Jamaica Media Paid Partnership Program | Benefits & Opportunities

Pure Jamaica Media is one the most diverse Jamaican online platforms that lets you explore hidden attractions, exciting excursions, book your ideal vacation spot, shop with your favorite Jamaican online store and lots more fun and exciting features.

1. Banner Ads

Banner Ads

These are images of your business, brand or product added to articles, videos or any content listed on our website that's sent  to our viewers by via newsletters posted daily on our website. 

2. Social Media Sponsorship

Social Media Sponsorship

This feature is where we distribute your content via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more social media platforms to with over 300 thousand engaging fans world wide and a monthly reach of over 20 million combined. Using special links or blogs that leads or redirects to your business or website for potential customers to purchase or get familiar with your company. 

Your brand/business deserves more engagement. 

We love to help you market it in North America and the Caribbean where our high engagements are. 

We have unique front line strategies that magnify your brand to the market as we connect you directly into our vast networks of consumers. We also do tailored marketing campaigns, Let us collaborate and add your Business to our website for more potential purchases, bookings or inquiries. Contact us today for more information 


And Many More !!