Deh Abroad | The Network For Wealth & Cultural Awareness

Deh Abroad Corporation is a non-profit network for wealth and cultural awareness that provides a premiere information portal to the Caribbean diaspora for business services, cultural events and educational development. The organization was incorporated in 2018, and has been focused primarily on building out its footprint in New York City. Deh Abroad Corporation uniquely understands the necessity of its platform within the Caribbean community, and our team is dedicated to offering the following services:

1. Creation of technology platform that offers a single and scalable online directory of Caribbean businesses for use by individuals and organizations.

A : Strengthen commerce within the Caribbean diaspora of businesses with key platform features such as (SEO and reviews, etc.)

B : Members receive incentives from participating merchants when the 'Deh Abroad' digital voucher is used (e.g. discounts to co-pay at pharmacies, etc.)

C : Incentives to participating businesses and organizations (e.g. special pricing for booking services through 'Deh Abroad Events')

D : Identification badge to validate their affiliation to 'Deh Abroad'

2. Internship or mentorship opportunities for students with organizations and businesses registered to the Deh Abroad platform.

a. Internship placement with Deh Abroad merchants, affiliated organizations and electoral offices based on student’s major in college.

b. Stipend to students participating in the program.

c. Interview workshop (including resume writing) and career recommendations.

3. Platform listing of events pertaining to the Caribbean diaspora.

a. Members can advertise and engage through various financial, educational and networking events.

b. Premier access to cultural events.

To date, there are over 500 registered businesses on the platform that want to partner with and promote the culture of the Caribbean diaspora. Strategically, the organization aims to significantly increase its membership in the tri-state area over the next 12 months, followed by focused growth in the US cities of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Philadelphia and Houston. Deh Abroad Corporation is unique to existing Caribbean focused non-profits that have the following limitations:

a. Lack of easy to use and scalable technology that caters to all generations (Millennials, Gen X/Z, etc.)

b) Focus on a specific country instead of the broader Caribbean diaspora

c) Limited partnership with Caribbean government functions (e.g. consulates) with a mandate to expand their cultural awareness.

d) No consolidated database inventory of Caribbean businesses/organizations that is consistently updated for accuracy.

e) Limited work experience opportunities for college or vocational students of the Caribbean diaspora.