Farmer Girl Jessie

St. Elizabeth Community is proud to turn the SPOTLIGHT on young female farmer Sherka Braham tonight. She hails from Woodlands District, in New Market.

Farmer Girl Jessie
Farmer Girl Jessie

Born 1996 "Sherka is a  single mom who finds joy in farming and most importantly it provides a steady income for her to take care of her family. 

She is a past student of Springfield All-Age School where she completed her primary education. From Springfield, she was successful in winning a place in the Lacovial High School. Due to financial constraints she was later transferred from Lacovia High to Lewisville High School where she completed her secondary education. 

She developed a real love for  farming and decided to become a career farmer. 
She is now a full-time farmer who takes much pride in her work and she is aiming to take her farming business to a much higher scale. She is on YouTube as "Farm Girl Jessie". She asks that the community support her by SUBSCRIBING to her channel so she can also earn income from that source also.

*** Sherka's farm was savagely robbed recently by thieves (widely reported by media houses)but she is still thriving.