JPS Restores Power to Thousands Within 24 Hours, Following Hurricane Beryl

JPS Restores Power to Thousands Within 24 Hours, Following Hurricane Beryl

In less than 24 hours after the passage of Hurricane Beryl, the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) Company has swiftly restored electricity to approximately 80,000 customers across the island. The majority of these customers reside in Kingston and St Andrew, St Catherine, and St Thomas. JPS has been working tirelessly to assess the damage and prioritize the restoration of power to affected communities.

Efficient Damage Assessment Enables Quick Restoration Efforts

JPS has achieved an impressive feat by completing the lion's share of damage assessments in less than a day. This efficient process has allowed the company to promptly restore power to numerous communities and essential services. The dedication of JPS teams has been instrumental in ensuring a swift recovery for those affected by the hurricane.

Restoration Efforts in St Thomas and Surrounding Areas

In St Thomas, JPS has successfully restored light to various areas, including Morant Bay, Church Corner, Retreat, White Horses, White Hall, Pondside, Yallahs, Belfast, Friendship, Belvedere, Pamphret, and Princess Margaret Hospital. These vital establishments and neighborhoods can now resume their normal operations with the return of electricity.

Restored Power in Kingston and St Andrew

Sections of Waltham Park, Bull Bay, Waterhouse, Arnold Road, Mountain View, Port Royal, Harbour View, Cherry Gardens, Barbican, Norbrook, Long Lane, Stillwell Road, Stony Hill, Temple Hall, Jacks Hill, East Kings House Road, Graham Heights, Constant Spring, Havendale, Old Hope Road, Queen Hill, Duhaney Park, Mona, Beverly Hills, Long Mountain, Manor Park, Waterworks, Lakehurst, Armour Heights, and Shortwood Road in Kingston and St Andrew have also had their power restored. The return of electricity brings relief to residents and facilitates the resumption of daily activities.

Restoration Efforts Extend to St Catherine

JPS has extended its restoration efforts to sections of Greater Portmore, Braeton, Westport, Bridgeport, Edgewater, and surrounding areas in St Catherine. Additionally, Caribbean Estates, De la Vega City, Spanish Town, Eltham, St John's Road, Job Lane, Beacon Hill, St Jago Heights, Thompson Pen, Sligoville, Waterloo District, Greendale, and Spanish Town Hospital now have electricity restored. This progress ensures that essential services and communities can function effectively.

Restoration Highlights in St James

Sections of Bogue, Queens Drive, and surrounding areas in St James have been reconnected to the power grid. Cornwall Regional Hospital and Sangster International Airport in the region have also had their power restored. These crucial facilities can now operate with full functionality, providing much-needed services to the community.

Ongoing Restoration Efforts

JPS teams remain dedicated to restoring power to customers in various parishes across Jamaica. The restoration efforts will continue in Kingston and St Andrew, St Catherine, St Thomas, St Mary, Portland, Trelawny, St James, St Ann, and Manchester. The commitment of JPS to quickly restore electricity to all affected areas highlights their dedication to providing reliable power supply to the people of Jamaica.

The Jamaica Public Service (JPS) Company has demonstrated its efficiency and commitment to restoring electricity following the impact of Hurricane Beryl. Within a short span of 24 hours, JPS has successfully restored power to thousands of customers across the island, focusing on critical areas such as Kingston and St Andrew, St Catherine, and St Thomas. This rapid restoration process has been made possible through effective damage assessment and the dedicated efforts of JPS teams. As the restoration efforts continue, JPS remains steadfast in its mission to bring back power to all affected areas, ensuring the normalcy and vitality of communities throughout Jamaica.