The Black Star Renaissance Inaugural Launch

“The Black Star Renaissance Inaugural Launch” 

The Black Star Renaissance Inaugural Launch
The Black Star Renaissance Inaugural Launch
The Black Star Renaissance Inaugural Launch
The Black Star Renaissance Inaugural Launch

Discover Hidden Gems, and indulge in the Roots and freedom in African land of prosperity.

The Black Star Renaissance launch was an evening that celebrated “The Rebirth Of The African Spirit” The founder Donnaray Roc promised to maintain the “Afro-Caribbean identity through The Black Star Renaissance via “The Black Star Jams and Xhibitions and an annual music fest. The importance of collectively working together to empower our strengths and taking control of our own identity. 

The evening was an ambassadorial celebratory evening with special diginatories appearances and organizations. The Jamaican Honorary Consulate of Ghana, Mr. Isaac Emmil Osei-Bonsu, who addressed the evening on the initiation of the “African Rebirth” and the  importance of renewing the strength of the "African spirit".   

Special guest appearance by Reggie Rockstone, Epixode, and the Caribbean Culture Ambassador, Taj Weekes from New York, KOD, Blakk Rasta, and KKD ; The General Manager of Movenpick Ambassador Hotel, The Marcus Garvey Foundation and Hempire Ghana.

The audience was engaged with a conversation about destination Ghana.  On the panel was the founder Donnaray Roc,  Taj Weekes, Ivy Prosper of Beyond the Return and Ghana Car Rental Association President Mr. Seth Ocran, moderated by Kenny Addo of TV3

The initiative is endorsed by The Ministry of Tourism Arts and Culture Republic of Ghana, Ghana Tourism Authority, and The Creative Arts Council.  “The Black Star Renaissance” aims at deepening the cultural exchange between Ghana and the Afro-Caribbean Diaspora to provide an insight into the lifestyle, the growing fashion industry, the creative arts, and diverse entertainment with an annual culture exchange series, trade fairs and an all inclusive musical themes slated "The Black Star Jams and Xhibitions” to harmonize the Afro-Caribbean vybez. 

“The Black Star Jams & Xhibitions begins mid November 2021 in Ghana with a collective of various international and local artists, partnership-driven valued entities, all in the efforts to support strategic alliances with local business and organisations to attain means of income streams for enhanced foreign exchange earnings.

The Black Star Renaissance is driven by the International Award-Winning Artistic Director, Donnaray Roc, The Renaissance Journey presents the rich vibrant colours and sounds of Ghana and the caribbean. Her phenomenal voyage to the motherland, explores and showcases a promotional content of the Republic of Ghana.  Returning to the motherland with a set of initiatives, ROC Factory’s mission is to depict Ghana as Africa's prime hub, representing the finest brands, music, arts, fashion and culture. 

“The Black Star Renaissance'' envisions the ultimate unification and establishment of ideal, dignified Africa in the global league of tourism practice and practitioners, including brands, creativity and the projection of the pure rich culture of the African continent and its peoples. It also serves as an invaluable link between Africa and the global markets. It’s aim is to enhance the narrative of Ghana as a trusted portal for re-entry into Africa. 

ROC Factory; The Award Winning Grassroots Renaissance Redefining Hub'' and The Black Star Renaissance Collective, promoting the rich identity of the Afro-Caribbean  Culture, Music, Arts And Tourism. 

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