The Forestry Department Joins The Tree Planting Mission To Plant 3 Million Trees In 3 Years

Join the Treeplanting Mission to plant 3 million trees in 3 years. Contact them to find out how you can participate in this initiative. Plant a tree, Protect Jamaica, Preserve the planet.

The Forestry Department is committed to the National Tree Planting initiative, through which we aim to plant three million trees in three years, representing one tree for each Jamaican.

The Forestry Department has been doing a commendable job of protecting our forestry resources and educating the public about the value of our forests and trees.

As they embark on the National Tree Planting Initiative, They encourage all persons to get involved. 

The Department is providing seedlings so that we can reach this goal for Jamaica. 
Ultimately, Three Million Trees in Three Years is to see the planting of two million timber/forest seedlings on approximately 3,000 hectares of land, and the remaining one million timber and ornamental seedlings distributed to the public and planted in urban spaces, including parks and along major thoroughfares in towns across the island.

 “Plant a tree: Protect Jamaica, preserve the planet.”