Young Jamaican Makes Michigan News Headlines With Dissolvable Paper Soapsheets

Young Jamaican Makes Michigan News Headlines With Dissolvable Paper Soapsheets
Tafari Roberts / Founder and CEO
Young Jamaican Makes Michigan News Headlines With Dissolvable Paper Soapsheets
Young Jamaican Makes Michigan News Headlines With Dissolvable Paper Soapsheets

Dissolvable, biodegradable and water soluble paper soap…Have you heard of it? According to the CDC, Regular handwashing is one of the best ways to remove germs, avoid getting sick, and prevent the spread of germs to others. 

I was excited to be presented with this alternative to hand sanitizer. Too much use of that dries my hands out terribly, so it’s nice to come across something that actually makes you feel like your hands are getting clean without drying them out, unlike hand sanitizer! Nobody likes dry, itchy, and painful hands, right?

Rove Freely is here to save the day!

Rove Biodegradeable Paper Soapsheets are easy to use and great for the whole family. Just take a sheet with dry hands. Add water. Lather and Rinse. These beauties can easily fit in bags, pockets and purses making them ideal for travel, outdoors, road trips, TSA compliant and everyday. Not your grandma's handsoap! Perfect for when life gets a little messy!”

To learn more and see how it works, click here.

Rove Freely’s soap papersheets products are:

  • Lightweight
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Squeaky Clean
  • Aromatic
  • Skin Softening

As soon as I received the products, I knew I would love them right away. As you can see, they come in very nifty little easy-to-open cases and come in a variety of colors to match their scents. The best part? Only half a soap paper is needed to get the job done. You can save the other one for next time or share it while on the go. Perfect for traveling (TSA compliant), being outdoors, road trips…you name it!

Each package contains 50 sheets.

How does it work?

Simply, take half to a single soap paper with dry hands. Add water (can easily be a water bottle you carry with you), lather and then rinse! Nice, right? I totally love the concept.

What are the scents?

  • Ocean Breeze
  • Green Tea Twist
  • Pink Rose
  • Lavender Mist
  • Fresh Jasmine 

The scents are gentle and not overpowering. Love that!

What are the Ingredients?

Starch, Sodium Dodecyl sulfate, polyvinyl alcohol, Natural oils and fats (myristyl alcohol), glycerin, Humectant from Beets (Betaine), mineral oil, Methyl 4-hydroxybenzoate, Propyl 4-hydroxybenzoate, natural pigment, and natural essence.

Rove Freely is currently having an awesome bargan! You can get your soap paper for $6.00 per scented package of 50 paper soapsheets. What a value!

My only recommendation in order for the soap papers to truly be effective is to make sure you have a water bottle packed with you on the go (or in the car) at all times, along with a hand towel or disposable paper towels, just in case you aren’t near any restrooms, etc. Probably best done outdoors if you can’t get inside to avoid any water spills.

Are you ready to try Rove Freely products? You can learn more about them on their website at and purchase with free shipping on here or search "Rove Brands".

You can also stay up to date with the products on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Tafari Roberts / C.E.O & Founder 

Jamaican of the Diaspora based in Detroit, MI

I would like to thank everyone at Rove Freely for offering the opportunity to try out their products. They are amazing and I highly recommend them.

Product photos by Kelly Clair.

Author : Lindsey Jenn