How Jamaican Pastry Chef ‘Shauna Silvera’ Found Her Niche In Dubai's Food Scene

How Jamaican Pastry Chef ‘Shauna Silvera’ Found Her Niche In Dubai's Food Scene

Dubai, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, has become a renowned travel destination and vacation spot, attracting visitors from around the world. Among those who have made Dubai their home is Shauna Silvera, a talented pastry chef from Jamaica. Silvera's journey to Dubai began in 2017 when she moved to the Emirates with her then-partner to work at the first Jamaican restaurant in the city.

Originally from St Mary and raised in St Ann, Silvera has big dreams of establishing her own pastry shop with outlets across the globe. She envisions a future where her Silvera pastry shops are as ubiquitous as KFC restaurants. Her passion for food stems from her traditional upbringing, where she developed a love for cooking and creating traditional delights. Coming from a family where food is cherished, Silvera's auntie, a pastry chef, played a significant role in inspiring her culinary journey from a young age.

While many Jamaicans seek opportunities in the US or Canada, Silvera firmly believes that Dubai provides excellent prospects and experiences. The Emiratis' love for sweets has created a thriving market for pastry chefs like Silvera. She has made a name for herself by creating continental and international desserts and cakes, along with customized cakes for special celebrations. During the Christmas season, Silvera's Jamaican roots come to the forefront as she meets the demand for fruitcakes, a popular treat among Jamaicans.

Silvera's dedication and skill have been recognized throughout her career. She was previously promoted to the position of head pastry chef at her former job, and she recently signed a new contract with another restaurant. Transitioning to life in Dubai presented Silvera with a major cultural shift, as the city had strict rules on public displays of affection, dress codes, and cohabitation. However, in recent years, Dubai has become more liberal, allowing for casual dress and cohabitation, reflecting the city's efforts to attract a more diverse range of global visitors.

As a Jamaican living in Dubai, Silvera has experienced the warmth and admiration that Emiratis have for Jamaicans. The mention of Jamaica instantly creates a connection and a sense of appreciation. However, despite the opportunities to earn up to J$500,000 per month, Silvera admits that there's no place like home. She acknowledges the financial and work challenges in Jamaica but cherishes the family connections and the vibrant environment that only Jamaica can offer.

Travelling back to Jamaica for visits is not without its challenges for Silvera. The cost of a ticket from Dubai to Jamaica can range from US$2,500, approximately J$389,000. Despite the expense, Silvera tries to make a trip home every year and a half to two years, balancing her desire to see her family with the financial responsibilities of supporting her father and child in Jamaica.

Shauna Silvera's journey as a pastry chef in Dubai highlights the opportunities and experiences that this vibrant city offers to individuals from all over the world. Her determination to establish her own pastry shop and make a mark in the global culinary scene is a testament to her passion and talent. While Dubai has become her home away from home, Silvera's heart remains in Jamaica, where the love for family and the vibrant Jamaican culture continue to inspire her culinary creations.

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