Jamaican Woman Moved to Ghana From UK To Build An Amazing Villa

Often a times when you speak to native Ghanaians born and raised in Ghana who's migrated to the west about moving to back Ghana, they make is seem there is no hope of succeeding back home. But through my journey of discovery, I've come across several Africans born abroad who's found their way back home and thriving; In this video I speak to a wonderful Jamaican woman who left UK to Ghana over 20 years ago to build Villa Sankofa; a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere for travelers. You will be inspired...My Name is Mickey....Keep watching!!! Every country has a story; so does its people. I get to travel and visit different parts of the world due to the nature of my work, so I take viewers with me in the form of vlogs to explore and tell beautiful stories of the people and the places that I am working. I am dedicated to provide deep, meaningful and entertaining contents for you, my viewers.... So enjoy!!!

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