JUICI PATTIES Announces Aggressive Expansion Plans Across the United States After Successful Launch In Florida

JUICI PATTIES Announces Aggressive Expansion Plans Across the United States After Successful Launch In Florida

JUICI PATTIES, a popular Jamaican patty chain, is set to open three new stores in South Florida before summer and has plans to expand across all 50 states in the United States. This aggressive push comes shortly after the successful opening of the first Juici Patties franchise overseas in Florida, which sold nearly 5,000 patties on its first day, exceeding expectations.

Daniel Chin, one of the directors of Juici Patties and CEO of its US business, expressed his gratitude for the support received for their first US store. He stated, "The support for our first store in the US has been great." The US store was one of two Juici Patties locations opened in March, with the other one in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Chin revealed their plans to open two additional locations in Florida, one in Sunrise and another in Lauderhill. In May, they are also planning to open another store in Lauderdale Lakes, with more locations in the pipeline for the upcoming months. Chin further mentioned that they have already signed franchise agreements for approximately 27 locations in Florida, with some slated for opening in 2028.

Similar to their growth in the local market, where they currently operate 65 stores, Juici Patties aims to tap into larger economies of scale through their overseas expansion. This expansion allows them to cater to the strong Diaspora community and further strengthen their brand.

Franchisees of Juici Patties pay a franchise fee ranging from US$347,000 for small stores to US$793,000 for larger outlets, which includes a US$30,000 franchise fee. The company's website states that they have spent two years vetting over 4,700 applications from interested investors before opening their first store in Florida.

Chin shared his vision of globalizing the Juici Patties brand, starting with their restaurant chain in the US market. He believes that the US market is ready for a nationwide patty franchise, drawing a parallel to Mexico's successful taco industry. He stated, "That's the direction we're now going in, and I think the Jamaican patty market in the US can enjoy similar achievements."

Rhea Wright, the youngest franchise holder and owner of the first Juici Patties store in the US, located in Hollywood Boulevard, Florida, has experienced remarkable success. Wright expressed her plans to expand to multiple locations in South Florida, aiming to meet her sales goals and thrive in the market. She shared that her goal is to earn over US$1 million in annual gross sales within the next two to three years.

Since its grand opening on March 23, 2024, Wright's store has been attracting customers from both the Diaspora and US citizens. Patrons have traveled from as far as Oregon and New York to taste the authentic Jamaican patties. The store currently offers patties (beef, chicken, and cheese), French fries, and plantains, with plans to add fried chicken, shrimp, and vegetable patties to the menu.

With the increasing demand, the store currently has 12-15 full-time employees working in shifts, and they often require additional staff to keep up with the daily demand. Wright is optimistic about the future and anticipates breaking even within the next three months.

With a successful franchise model and a strong demand for their products, Juici Patties is well-positioned to become a nationwide patty franchise in the US market.

For more information about JUICI PATTIES and their expansion plans, visit their website at www.purejamaicamedia.com