She’s The First Female Executive Chef To Manage A Large Chain Hotel In Jamaica

Executive Chef Simone Haughton Campbell's work at the world-renowned Issa family-owned resort Couples Swept Away is truly remarkable. Couples Resorts, known for creating romantic all-inclusive getaways in Jamaica for over 40 years, has launched the Get Swept Away Summer Event Series at their legendary Couples Swept Away resort in Negril, Jamaica. This innovative series combines wellness, music, and unmatched culinary artistry to reimagine romantic getaways.

She’s The First Female Executive Chef To Manage A Large Chain Hotel In Jamaica
IMAGE BY Gleaner Senior Writer : Janet Silvera

At the heart of Couples Swept Away's culinary excellence is Executive Chef Simone Haughton Campbell, the first and only female executive chef to manage a large hotel chain in Jamaica. In an interview with Travel Noire, Chef Simone discussed her role at the resort and the Get Swept Away Summer Event Series. She is thrilled to introduce guests to a savory blend of local and international flavors through the series, which includes the "Disconnect to Reconnect" in May 2024 and "Arts, Eats & Beats" in June 2024. These events promise to be a culinary, music, and wellness adventure like no other, showcasing the elevated dining options available at Couples Swept Away.

Chef Simone's focus is on curating menus and working with her chefs to create refined offerings and traditional dishes from around the world with an elevated twist. To ensure the utmost freshness, she authentically incorporates Jamaican ingredients sourced from local farms. By infusing customizable flavors that reflect Jamaican culture, Couples Swept Away creates an immersive dining experience that celebrates the rich culinary history of the island.

Couples Swept Away takes pride in catering to guests with special dietary needs and preferences, from vegan to gluten-free. The upcoming event series will place even greater emphasis on creating menus that suit all guests' needs, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the culinary delights offered.

Chef Simone's journey in the culinary world was inspired by her late grandmother, Joyce Winnifred Spence. Growing up in a multicultural, extended family home, Chef Simone experienced a melting pot of cultural flavors and heritage. Her grandmother's health-conscious approach to cooking, incorporating Indian techniques and homegrown ingredients, influenced her passion for food and nutrition.

As a woman in a male-dominated field, Chef Simone faces challenges, but she credits her success to a great support system. This includes her family, the foundation of Couples Swept Away, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Issa, Corporate Chef Stefan Spath, and the upper management who believe in Jamaica and invest in Jamaicans. Chef Simone and her talented team are committed to using locally sourced ingredients, indigenous spices, and traditional dishes to create an authentic dining experience that embodies the Jamaican spirit.

Photo Credit: Alliance Connection

Beyond her role as Executive Chef, Chef Simone takes pride in mentoring young chefs and staff, especially women, encouraging them to have a clear professional vision and strive for continuous improvement and growth in the industry. She wants to be remembered as the lady who opened doors for many other women to serve in similar capacities, empowering young girls in Jamaica to pursue dignified careers in the culinary field.

Chef Simone Haughton Campbell's work at Couples Swept Away and her dedication to showcasing Jamaican cuisine and empowering others make her a true ambassador of Jamaica's culinary culture. Her passion and talent contribute to making Couples Swept Away and the Get Swept Away Summer Event Series truly unforgettable experiences for guests. For more information on Chef Simone and her culinary creations, visit