Strawberry Hill Is On Sale After Being Featured in One Love biopic As Bob Marley’s Hideaway Hotel

Strawberry Hill Is On Sale After Being Featured in One Love biopic As Bob Marley’s Hideaway Hotel

Jamaica's Strawberry Hill Hotel is a unique and historic resort that offers a luxurious and memorable experience for tourists. Built on a coffee plantation in the 18th century, this 47-acre mountaintop retreat has a rich history that includes ownership by a British royal family. The hotel is currently on the market, but visitors can still enjoy a stay at this iconic destination.

Named after its reputed original owner, Horace Walpore, the Strawberry Hill Hotel holds a special place in Jamaican history. The property's elevation was ideal for growing strawberries, which inspired its name. Its location provides breathtaking views of the Blue Mountains, and it was even used as a Foreign Officers' Naval Hospital in the late 18th century.

The hotel gained further popularity after being featured in the film 'Bob Marley: One Love,' which has been a box office success, grossing over $160 million. Bob Marley himself frequented the Strawberry Hill Hotel and found solace there after surviving an assassination attempt in 1976. The current owner, Chris Blackwell, founder of Island Records, purchased the property in the 1970s.

The architectural design of the hotel is a blend of colonial and contemporary styles. Renowned Jamaican architect Ann Hodges was hired by Blackwell to develop the estate, incorporating vernacular pitched roofs, decorative wood designs, and large roof overhangs.

With its 13 all-white cottages, the Strawberry Hill Hotel offers a serene and elegant atmosphere. Each cottage is modeled after Jamaican chattel houses, which are small, movable wooden structures built without nails. The interiors feature all-white decor, creating a contemporary feel that complements the neo-colonial, romantic style of the furniture. The hotel currently offers five different room options, catering to various preferences and needs.

The Strawberry Hill Hotel is an ideal destination for weddings and other special events, thanks to its ample accommodation options. The property also features an infinity pool and a helipad, providing guests with stunning views and convenient transportation options. For those seeking relaxation, the hotel spa offers five treatment rooms, ensuring a rejuvenating experience.

Culinary enthusiasts will delight in the hotel's restaurant, which serves traditional Jamaican cuisine. From lamb curry to fish stew, guests can savor authentic flavors in a picturesque setting. Additionally, visitors can explore the on-site Coffee Plantation at the Craighton House Coffee Estate, immersing themselves in the history and culture of Jamaica. The hotel even offers a Craighton House Coffee Estate Hike and Tour, allowing guests to embark on a self-guided hike or join a guided tour for a small fee.

The Strawberry Hill Hotel has attracted numerous famous musicians and celebrities over the years. Alongside Bob Marley, notable guests have included the Rolling Stones, Marianne Faithful, Grace Jones, Black Uhuru, and Willie Nelson. The hotel's reputation as a haven for creative inspiration and relaxation continues to draw visitors from around the world.

For those interested in investing in this remarkable property, the Strawberry Hill Hotel is currently on the market. The undisclosed price reflects the exclusivity and desirability of this iconic destination.

Experience the beauty and history of Jamaica at the Strawberry Hill Hotel. With its rich heritage, picturesque views, and luxurious amenities, it is the perfect place to create lasting memories. To learn more about this enchanting resort, visit