Gramps Morgan Headlines Shows In Tortola and Brooklyn

Gramps Morgan Headlines Shows In Tortola and Brooklyn

Gramps Morgan, the renowned reggae artist, is set to headline a highly-anticipated concert in Tortola, British Virgin Islands (BVI) during Memorial Day Weekend. The event promises an unforgettable experience for music lovers, featuring the legendary R&B singer Freddie Jackson as the opening act.

Publicist Sean Edwards conveyed Gramps Morgan's immense excitement to perform for his fans in Tortola. Gramps expressed his deep gratitude and honor to be a part of the healing process through music. He eagerly looks forward to playing songs from his solo catalogue, marking a significant milestone in his career. The prospect of having Freddie Jackson open the show is a surreal dream come true for Gramps, as he grew up listening to Jackson's music and drew inspiration from his vocal style.

In addition to the Tortola concert, Gramps Morgan is thrilled to announce his first solo performance in Brooklyn, the city of his birth. This show holds significant sentimental value for Gramps, as it is a homecoming of sorts. Brooklyn is where the Morgan Heritage family spent countless hours in their recording studio in Bushwick, creating timeless music. Gramps was approached by a friend from a local radio station with the idea, and he immediately embraced it as an opportunity to give back to his community and bring a sense of normalcy through music. This much-anticipated event will be a night of celebration, reconnecting with family and friends who have been unwavering supporters throughout the Morgan Heritage family's remarkable 30-year journey.

Gramps Morgan firmly believes in the healing power of music, and he aims to surround himself with that positive energy. The Brooklyn performance, along with the Tortola concert, serves as a testament to his commitment to spreading joy and unity. Gramps understands that music has always been a unifying force, and he is grateful for the opportunity to share his talent with his musical family and fans worldwide.

Gramps Morgan's upcoming performances in Tortola and Brooklyn mark significant milestones in his career. The Tortola concert promises a night of sensational music, with the iconic Freddie Jackson opening for Gramps. Meanwhile, the Brooklyn performance holds a special place in Gramps' heart, as it signifies a return to his birthplace and a chance to celebrate with his beloved family and friends. Through these performances, Gramps Morgan aims to bring healing, joy, and a renewed sense of normalcy to his fans and the communities he holds dear. For more information about Gramps Morgan and his upcoming performances, visit the official website at