Ministry of Tourism Plans On Expanding the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Festival To More Parishes

Ministry of Tourism Plans On Expanding the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Festival To More Parishes

1: Minister Bartlett's Vision for a Wider Reach

The Ministry of Tourism, working through the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF), is actively exploring ways to expand the reach of the highly acclaimed Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Festival. In a recent interview at the seventh staging of the festival in Newcastle, St. Andrew, Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett, expressed the desire to take this unique event to different locations across Jamaica. Minister Bartlett emphasized the need for increased private-sector involvement to give the festival more prominence and extend its impact beyond the confines of Newcastle.

2: A Platform for Growth and Collaboration

Acknowledging the role of the Ministry of Tourism and the TEF in the festival's success, Minister Bartlett highlighted their integral contributions to building its strength and capacity. While the Ministry does not directly manage Jamaica's coffee industry, it recognizes the importance of marketing opportunities, such as the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Festival, in promoting the renowned brand. By expanding public awareness and inviting visitors to experience the best coffee in the world, the Ministry aims to leverage the festival's platform for both economic growth and cultural appreciation.

3: Beyond Newcastle: Exploring New Horizons

Minister Bartlett outlined plans to expand the festival to various locations across Jamaica, including Mandeville, Montego Bay, Port Antonio, and more. This strategic move will not only showcase the unique flavors and aromas of Jamaican coffee but also provide business opportunities for local coffee producers and entrepreneurs. By diversifying the festival's reach, the Ministry of Tourism aims to celebrate the rich coffee heritage of Jamaica while stimulating economic growth and fostering collaboration within the coffee industry.

 4: Showcasing Jamaican Coffee Excellence

The Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Festival, the Ministry of Tourism's flagship event, attracts coffee enthusiasts and tourists from around the world. This annual celebration offers a platform for 59 booth holders to showcase and sell their exceptional coffee products, providing a direct link between producers and consumers. The festival's focus on gastronomy serves as a vehicle for diversifying the Jamaican tourism product, highlighting the country's unique cultural heritage and culinary traditions.

As the Ministry of Tourism and the Tourism Enhancement Fund explore ways to expand the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Festival, the vision of Hon. Edmund Bartlett comes to fruition. With plans to extend the festival's reach to destinations across Jamaica, the Ministry aims to forge stronger connections between coffee producers, entrepreneurs, and coffee enthusiasts. By leveraging the festival's platform, the Ministry of Tourism seeks to enhance the global recognition of Jamaica's coffee industry, driving economic growth, and celebrating the exquisite flavors that make Jamaican coffee truly exceptional. To learn more about Jamaica's rich coffee heritage and the festival's upcoming expansions, visit