Road Leading To Morant Bay To Be Called ‘The Right Excellent Paul Bogle Highway

Road Leading To Morant Bay To Be Called  ‘The Right Excellent Paul Bogle Highway

 1: Honoring a National Hero's Sacrifice

In a significant announcement during his contribution to the 2024/25 Budget Debate, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness, Prime Minister of Jamaica, revealed that the section of the Southern Coastal Highway Improvement Project (SCHIP) leading to Morant Bay will be officially named 'The Right Excellent Paul Bogle Highway.' This decision is a tribute to the heroic efforts of Paul Bogle, a National Hero who valiantly fought against oppression and injustice in Jamaica.

2: Transforming St. Thomas into the Renaissance Parish

Prime Minister Holness emphasized the government's commitment to the development of St. Thomas, affectionately known as the 'Renaissance Parish.' He expressed pride in the administration's accomplishments, stating, "When the chapter in our history is written about St. Thomas, it will show that this Administration has done the most for the people of St. Thomas." The Prime Minister highlighted the transformative initiatives undertaken, including the provision of roads, water, jobs, industries, and overall development in the region.

3: Revolutionizing Connectivity and Accessibility

The completion of the Harbour View to Yallahs Bridge leg of the SCHIP in February marked a significant milestone in enhancing transportation infrastructure. This 17.4-kilometer roadway has dramatically reduced travel time between Kingston and St. Thomas from 45 to just 15 minutes, improving connectivity and accessibility for residents and visitors alike. The project's success has had a positive impact on the socioeconomic landscape of the region.

 4: Comprehensive Infrastructure Upgrades

The Southern Coastal Highway Improvement Project extends beyond road construction. In conjunction with the roadworks, approximately 28 kilometers of water lines, 350 meters of sewer lines, and 17.8 meters of fiber-optic ducts have been installed, benefiting 348 properties along the route. These infrastructure upgrades have provided essential services and utilities to previously underserved areas, fostering growth and development.

Looking ahead, the government remains focused on completing two crucial sections of the highway project: the Yallahs Bridge to Port Antonio leg and the Morant Bay to Cedar Valley leg. These developments will further open up the corridor, facilitating the extension of water, broadband, and sewer lines to various areas. The holistic approach to infrastructure development demonstrates the government's commitment to creating sustainable progress and opportunities for the people of St. Thomas.

The announcement of 'The Right Excellent Paul Bogle Highway' as the official name for the section of the Southern Coastal Highway Improvement Project leading to Morant Bay symbolizes the government's recognition of Paul Bogle's sacrifice and devotion to the Jamaican people. Moreover, this initiative reflects the administration's unwavering commitment to the prosperity and well-being of St. Thomas. The completion of the SCHIP, along with its associated infrastructure upgrades, has not only transformed transportation in the region but also laid the foundation for future growth and development. The 'Renaissance Parish' is poised to thrive as improved connectivity, accessibility, and essential services become integral parts of its fabric. For more information on the transformative projects shaping Jamaica's future, visit