Reggae Royalty Stephen Marley Honored with Key to the City Where He Was Born

Reggae Royalty Stephen Marley Honored with Key to the City Where He Was Born

Stephen Marley, the second eldest son of Reggae legends Bob and Rita Marley, was recently honored with a Mayoral Tribute and a 'Key to the City' of Wilmington, Delaware. The ceremony took place at The One Love Park on March 21, and Mayor Mike Purzycki presented the prestigious awards to Stephen.

During the ceremony, Stephen expressed his gratitude and emotions, stating, "It's a very emotional moment here. I give thanks to everyone who made this possible, especially my family. Wilmington is home to me, and I have fond memories of running across the street to the park and being with my father. I feel at home, and I love you all."

The connection between the Marley family and Delaware dates back to Bob Marley's mother, Cedella Malcolm-Booker. She left Jamaica in 1962 and settled in Wilmington near the intersection of 24th and Tatnall Streets. Bob Marley himself spent several stints in Wilmington between 1963 and 1977, working and saving to pursue his musical dreams. This period resulted in iconic songs such as "Bend Down Low" and "Night Shift." Stephen Marley, born in Wilmington on April 20, 1972, holds a special bond with the city.

The park across the street from the Marley family's house, previously known as Tatnall Playground, was renamed "One Love Park" in April 2014, in honor of Bob Marley's legacy. The park holds sentimental value for Stephen and his siblings, as they used to play there during their childhood. Members of the Malcolm family, Cedella's family name, still reside in the house.

As part of the ceremony, Stephen also received a framed copy of the original ordinance renaming the park, signed by former Mayor Dennis Williams on April 7, 2014. Mayor Purzycki emphasized the importance of community and expressed his appreciation for Stephen's presence, stating, "We appreciate that, and it's a tribute to you that you have so many folks who want to be with you here today."

Mayor Purzycki extended a warm welcome to Stephen on behalf of the City of Wilmington and applauded his contributions to the world of music, carrying on his father's legacy. Wilmington takes pride in its connection to the Marley family through the Malcolms and assures them that they will always have a home in the city.

Currently, Stephen is on the "Traffic Jam" tour of North America alongside his younger brother, Damian Marley. The visit to One Love Park was a brief stop between tour stops in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. The ceremony was organized by Elite Entertainment.

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