Swim, Relax, and Explore The Old Spanish Bridge & The White River in Jamaica

If you are looking for a one-stop, fun, and exciting getaway, where water, relaxation, sun, greenery, and adventures can, collectively, enhance your satisfaction, what are you waiting on to visit the Old Spanish Bridge

This hidden gem, which is complete with the captivating White River flowing beneath, is located roughly 45 minutes from Ocho Rios and is considered to be the border line between the parishes of St Ann and St Mary. The lovely attraction naturally positioned spot is nothing short of breathtaking.

In the hills of St Mary, heading up to a section called Gayle and then through a community called Newstead.

With the help of locals, we made our way on to a mile-long dirt track before reaching the Old Spanish Bridge.

There is no charge to access the river, however, there are volunteers who assist visitors and maintain the property for ease of use.

The bridge was said to have been built in the 1770s.

According to the folks we saw at the river, weekends are when the Old Spanish Bridge is greatly utilised.

One of the attractions at the bridge is the rope-swinging activity.

Ropes are tied to a big tree that towers over the river. Visitors are launched from the middle of the bridge, and the rope takes you a few metres across the water, where it is deep enough to jump off into the cool river.

There are also activities such as diving, tubing, swimming, and fishing. The locals will tell you that there are dangers associated with the attraction.