The Inspiring Story of Jamaican Reggae Singer Anthony B

Keith Blair (born 31 March 1976), better known by the stage name Anthony B, is a Jamaican DJ and member of the Rastafari movement

The Inspiring Story of Jamaican Reggae Singer Anthony B

Keith Blair, known by his stage name Anthony B, is a renowned Jamaican DJ and a devoted follower of the Rastafari movement. Growing up in the rural town of Clark's Town in Trelawny, Jamaica, Anthony B was deeply influenced by his religious upbringing. Raised in a family with strong spiritual beliefs, his love for reggae legends Bob Marley and Peter Tosh shaped his own musical style, with Tosh's influence evident in his vocal delivery and revolutionary stance.

As a teenager, Anthony B embraced the Rastafari movement, a decision that was met with resistance from his family. Despite the challenges, he remained steadfast in his beliefs, refusing to abandon his newfound religion and his iconic dreadlocks. He relocated to Portmore, a suburb of Kingston, where he found solace in the Bobo Ashanti branch of the Rastafari movement. Recognizable by their long robes and turbans, the Bobo Dreads embody Afrocentric pride and uphold the core beliefs of Rastafarianism, which are reflected in Anthony B's powerful and thought-provoking songs.

During his time in high school, Anthony B made his debut as a deejay for the local sound system, Shaggy Hi-Power. In a reggae industry that predominantly produced "slack" songs degrading women, Anthony B took a different path. He chose to pen politically charged songs, refusing to compromise his values. Collaborating with artists like Determine, Mega Banton, Ricky General, and Terror Fabulous, he paved the way for his unique style and message.

Anthony B's breakthrough came when he joined forces with producer Richard Bell. Together, they created hits such as "Fire Pon Rome," "Raid Di Barn," "Rumour," and "Repentance Time." In 1997, he released "Universal Struggle," followed by a string of successful albums, including "Seven Seals" in 1999, "Street Knowledge" in 2003, and "Untouchable" in 2004, which featured collaborations with renowned artists like Wyclef Jean, Snoop Dogg, and Bone Crusher. He continued to release impactful albums such as "Black Star," "My Hope," and "Life Over Death."

In 2013, Anthony B faced legal troubles when he was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute in the United States. This unfortunate incident led to the cancellation of several shows in South America. However, the charges were eventually dropped. In the same year, he released "Tribute to Legends," an album featuring cover versions of songs by influential artists like Bob Marley, The Maytals, John Lennon, Ray Charles, Elvis Presley, and Ini Kamoze. Speaking about the album, Anthony B expressed his deep admiration for these legends and how they have influenced his music and life.

In 2016, Anthony B released "Tears Of Luv" on his own label, Born Fire Music, collaborating with various producers from around the world, including Evidence Music on the track "Life Good." His most recent studio album, "King In My Castle," was released in May 2020, marking a milestone as his 20th album.

Anthony B's music has taken him on extensive tours in Europe and North America, where he has collaborated with numerous singer-songwriters and producers. Reflecting on his faith and music, Anthony B explained that when he says "burn fire," he means to eliminate things that are detrimental to humanity, rather than promoting violence.

In conclusion, Anthony B's journey as a Jamaican DJ and devoted Rastafarian has left an indelible mark on the reggae industry. His powerful and socially conscious music continues to inspire and uplift listeners worldwide. To learn more about Anthony B and his musical legacy, visit