Akwaaba Ghana - Chale Wote, Akwasidae & Odambea Festivals

Experience three grand cultural festivals and explore ten (10)grand days in Ghana.Providing unique cultural experiences.  Chale Wote, Akwasidae and Odambea festivals! 

Akwasidae festival  Submerging you into the ancestors  ceremony, The Akwasidae festival  glorifies the milestones in the history of the Ashanti Kingdom. It celebrates the commemoration of ancestors and  Ashanti independence war. It also marks the seasons and the timings for various agricultural activities.

Odambea festival taste and feel the heartbeat Ghana. An re-enactment of the ancient lifestyles of the people of the central region area. The people put on traditional clothes and there is durbar of chiefs with dancing and drumming.

Chale Wote festival. A street arts, music and crafts Exhibition. 

"Eco refuge"
A  retreat and adventurous day at the beautiful Aburi Gardens where you will learn about the mixture of the indigenous  exotic trees  and herbs of global importance and medical properties.  

A day to marvel on the white sands beaches and capture the sun set 

Explore the indigenous villages, sacred shrines.

Lets go back through the life changing  door of no return to former slave castle at Cape Coast.