Rocky Point, Clarendon JAMAICA Has A Beautiful Secret Beach You Need To Explore.

Rocky Point, Clarendon JAMAICA has a beautiful secret Beach you need to explore. This beach is just about one hour away from Kingston, in Portland Cottage in the rich parish of Clarendon, and I say rich because there is so much untouched, natural beauty in Clarendon that is worth exploring.

Its proximity to Kingston makes it even more special. I am sorry the day was so windy; the waves raked the ocean and made it look brown, but this is usually a turquoise waters beach. Nonetheless, we enjoyed the long beach walk. So secluded and private the only passer-by will be birds and soldier crabs. Our family always enjoys this spot to the fullest; there is so much you can do; fishing, camping, eating, cookout, hiking, and even kite surfing if you have one. We really hope you get to visit one day. Please let us know with a thumbs up, comment, and share if you like this video. Thank you so much for watching Until we see you again on the next escape Mucho Love Yhordy