Instead Of Having Three Range Rovers, Get Some Land : Gramps Morgan's Wise Words For Reggae & Dancehall Stars

On Pure Jamaica Media, we celebrate the island's diverse voices and inspiring stories. Today, we turn the spotlight on Gramps Morgan, the Grammy-winning artist and entrepreneur who's using his platform to encourage financial literacy and investment in Jamaica.

Instead Of Having Three Range Rovers, Get Some Land : Gramps Morgan's Wise Words For Reggae &  Dancehall Stars

Investing in the Land of Reggae:

Recently, Gramps Morgan made headlines not for his latest hit, but for his involvement in the grand opening of the South Coast Beach Club Housing Development in St. Thomas. More than just attending the ceremony, Gramps became the first celebrity homeowner and took on an ambassadorial role for the project.

Beyond Bling: A Call for Smart Investments:

During the opening ceremony, Gramps delivered a powerful message to his fellow musicians, urging them to consider land ownership and development as an alternative to luxury items. He challenged them to "change out one" of their Range Rovers for land, highlighting the importance of investing in Jamaica's future.

Musician Entrepreneur: Leading by Example:

This wasn't just empty advice. Gramps has a proven track record as an entrepreneur, with ventures in jerk sauce, coffee, and even a CBD company. He embodies the message he shares, demonstrating that artists can diversify and build lasting wealth beyond music.

More Than Bricks and Mortar: A Vision for St. Thomas:

Gramps' deep connection to St. Thomas stems from his father's desire to return to Jamaica in his later years. This personal tie fueled his enthusiasm for the South Coast Beach Club project, which aims to revitalize the parish and offer beautiful beachfront living experiences.

Investing in the Future: Vision and Opportunity:

Gramps emphasized the importance of vision, especially for St. Thomas, which has historically faced challenges with infrastructure. He applauded the project's "first-world construction fashion" and believes it signifies a new era for the parish.

From Social Media to St. Thomas Dreams:

Interestingly, Gramps discovered the project through social media, showcasing its power in connecting people with opportunities. He saw the potential and, as he puts it, "it truly was a no-brainer" to invest.

Beyond Entertainment: A Multifaceted Reggae Star:

This isn't Gramps' first foray into business. His diverse ventures illustrate his entrepreneurial spirit and desire to create not just music, but also opportunities and wealth for himself and others.

A Partnership for Progress:

Gramps' involvement is a major boost for the South Coast Beach Club project. Developer Kevin Frith expressed his delight, recognizing Gramps' influence and commitment to Jamaica's development.

A Message for Jamaica and Beyond:

Gramps Morgan's story transcends St. Thomas and the music industry. It's a call to action for all Jamaicans, urging them to invest in their land, explore entrepreneurship, and embrace a vision for a brighter future.

Join the Conversation:

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