Juici Patties Brings Jamaican Hospitality to the US : CEO Daniel Chin’s Mission to Spice Up America's Food Scene with Jamaica's Favorite Pastry

On Pure Jamaica Media, we explore the stories behind the island's vibrant culture and culinary experiences . Let's talk about The delicious world of Juici Patties, Jamaica's beloved patty franchise, and its exciting expansion into the United States.

Juici Patties Brings Jamaican Hospitality to the US : CEO Daniel Chin’s Mission to Spice Up America's Food Scene with Jamaica's Favorite Pastry
CEO of U.S. division : Daniel Chin


The Juici Patties story begins in 1978, not in a fancy restaurant, but in the heart of a family kitchen. Jukie Chin, driven by a passion for authentic Jamaican flavors, crafted his now-iconic patties, selling them in his family's grocery store. The response was instant – Jamaicans craved the delicious blend of flaky crust and savory fillings.

Jukie and his wife,
Edith, poured their hearts into growing the brand. The first official restaurant opened in 1980, and franchising began in 1992, marking the start of exponential growth. Today, Juici Patties boasts over 60 restaurants across Jamaica, employing over 1,800 people and becoming a cultural touchstone.

The Torch Passes to a New Generation:

The baton has been gracefully passed to the second generation, with Daniel Chin, Jukie's son, leading the charge as Director of Operations and CEO of the U.S. division. Growing up surrounded by the Juici Patties magic, Daniel's journey was intertwined with the brand's success. Witnessing its potential, he set his sights on a bold challenge – bringing Juici Patties to the vast and competitive US market.

Conquering a New Frontier: The American Dream on a Patty Plate:

Entering the US market is no easy feat, but Daniel is armed with more than just delicious patties. He recognizes the importance of Juici Patties' core values – exceptional customer service and a commitment to its employees. Under his leadership, the brand has prioritized employee well-being and training, resulting in being voted #1 for customer service in Jamaica's quick-service restaurant industry in 2023.

Bringing Jamaican Warmth to American Plates:

Daniel's vision goes beyond just introducing new flavors. He aims to share the warmth and hospitality that have made Juici Patties a Jamaican favorite. As the first US location opens in Miami in 2024, expect not just a taste of Jamaica, but a genuine connection to the island's spirit.

Join the Flavorful Adventure:

The story of Juici Patties is one of passion, dedication, and the power of delicious food to connect cultures. As they embark on their American adventure, Pure Jamaica Media will be there, sharing their journey and inviting you to savor a taste of Jamaica's vibrant spirit. Get ready to experience the Juici Patties magic – it's coming soon! To America 

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