JN Bank ATMs Temporarily Out of Service Due to Hurricane Beryl

JN Bank ATMs Temporarily Out of Service Due to Hurricane Beryl

In a recent announcement, JN Bank revealed that 32 of its ATMs located across the country are currently out of commission due to a service disruption caused by one of its data suppliers. The financial institution explained that the supplier took the decision to discontinue service as a precautionary measure in anticipation of the impending arrival of Hurricane Beryl.

The ATMs affected by this temporary outage include those situated in various locations such as August Town, Liguanea, and Vineyard Town in St Andrew, Greater Portmore, Portmore Pines, and Old Harbour in St Catherine, Buff Bay and Port Antonio in Portland, Oracabessa in St Mary, and Clarendon Park and May Pen in Clarendon.

Acknowledging the inconvenience caused to its customers, JN Bank assured that its team is closely monitoring the situation and maintaining constant communication with the data provider. The bank is committed to restoring service as soon as possible once the hurricane has passed.

The decision to temporarily halt ATM services is part of JN Bank's commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of its customers. By taking proactive measures, the bank aims to mitigate any potential risks or damages that could occur as a result of the severe weather conditions associated with Hurricane Beryl.

JN Bank understands the importance of accessible and reliable banking services, especially during times of emergency. The institution remains dedicated to providing excellent customer service and assures its valued customers that all necessary actions are being taken to restore ATM functionality promptly.

As Hurricane Beryl continues to approach, JN Bank advises its customers to stay updated with the latest weather advisories and to take necessary precautions to safeguard themselves and their personal belongings. The bank also recommends utilizing alternative banking channels, such as online banking and mobile banking applications, to ensure uninterrupted access to financial services.

Once the hurricane has passed and the weather conditions have improved, JN Bank will work diligently with its data provider to restore full ATM service across all affected locations. The bank appreciates the understanding and patience of its customers during this temporary disruption and assures them that their needs and convenience remain a top priority.

In conclusion, JN Bank's ATMs are temporarily out of service in several locations across the country due to the precautionary measures taken by one of its data suppliers ahead of Hurricane Beryl's arrival. The bank is closely monitoring the situation and will restore service as soon as possible after the hurricane passes. JN Bank remains committed to the safety and well-being of its customers and advises them to utilize alternative banking channels during this time.